DON SANTO’s Statement On The Spirits of Assault and other Forms of Violence In Kenya

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

July 31, 2021

Kolan brothers and sisters in Kenya my motherland,

It has come to my attention that as a country we are not fine. In fact, I am not okay myself. Many are depressed while many others are fighting many battles, including, economical, personal, and environmental issues. Wengine tume-give up already. Hata we don’t want kizungu mingi, we want solutions.

Sometimes, all that we are going through gets tall on us, and we do somewhat foolish things. That is human. But to what point do we forget that we are human beings. And that we are different from animals and any other creation that ever existed on earth and beyond? For example, Robert Alai and gospel singer Ringtone Apoko’s drama was uncalled for and immature. I won’t comment much as the matter is in the courts. But why can’t we exercise the same tolerance that we usually expect from the world?

Couples are killing each other, and citizens too cannot walk in the CBD without looking over our shoulders. If you do not have a bodyguard you are on your own, my friend. Wat. Wasn’t a traffic police officer snatched a phone in the streets? If a sleuth is not safe sembuse sisi wananchi? This is contributed by, among others, the notion created by our so-called political leaders. I mean, the venom spat by our politicians is utterly excruciating and makes you think we are dysfunctional. No Kenyans are hard-working people governed by mikora. Adults have refused to grow up and yet we expect the children we are bringing up under these conditions to be better than us. How? The same children are exposed to pornographic and unpopular content from adults, including our young talented artists who have decided to ignore art and pursue verbal diarrhea. Where are our artists who have helped shape the entertainment industry? Creativity has no retirement age. Let us bring back that music. Bring back the Kenyan soap operas and television programs.

I pray that we self-reflect on what is important to us and have a national dialogue as the great nation that we are. JAH BLESS KLASSIK ROYAL NATION! JAH BLESS KENYA!

Your friend,

H.E.M Don CM Wanzala

Chief Klassikan & Globalord!

President of Global Media Ltd.


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