How useful is Vido+, and what benefits can it deliver?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

When you hear ‘Vido Plus’, you may well think ‘Video’. But educational marketing videos are just one of the benefits of purchasing a Vido+ package.

Vido+ is very much a back-end innovation. It’s not a ‘sexy’ tech like drones or virtual reality. When you deploy Vido Plus solutions, most people will probably never notice it – they’ll only see what it lets them do.

But organisations using Vido+ (Lite, Pro, Champ), across a whole host of sectors, can reap many benefits, including:

  • Marketing video

  • Blog article(s)

  • Free photoshoot

  • Company profile

  • Save up-to 50%

Where is Vido+ most promising?

Vido Plus is already helping companies save up-to 70% in content production. For example, a company can get five videos, at a discounted price of one.

Insurance is one of many industries also discovering the benefits of Vido Plus. Reaching out to new clients while maintaining the existing ones has been challenging for most businesses. Anything that can simplify and speed up such processes will benefit both insurers and customers of services from travel insurance to more specialist offerings.

Another sector which showcases the benefits Vido+ can bring to a wide range of industries is the FCMG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). Vido Plus marketing videos and articles generate trustworthy, transparent, and loyal customers.

In the case of FCMG, this lets companies show their products are chemical-free. But having confidence in your supply chain, and trust in the provenance of items being bought and sold is important across a wide range of sectors, from manufacturing to grocery and healthcare.

There are many other Vido Plus uses as well, from online gaming trades to energy sales and pricing.

Is Vido+ an option for you?

When considering whether Vido+ might work for your organisation, it’s best not to start by thinking about Vido+ solutions – or about any other specific technologies.

Instead, look at the marketing problems you need to solve. Think about the processes those problems are related to. Think about the issues these processes involve. The problem space is where the solution will be found, so don’t rush through it.

When you start considering solutions, start with the simplest first. You may find the answer doesn’t lie with technology at all, but with people or processes.

If technology is the answer, is Vido+ the right one? If you answer yes to at least four of the questions below, it may well be:

Does your problem involve:

  1. Marketing that needs video content?

  2. Marketing that need product photos for marketing?

  3. Blogging and content marketing?

  4. Offline marketing that involves complexity and cost?

  5. Time-sensitive interactions?

If Vido+ is the answer to your problem then it won’t be a showy solution that gets your customers or users talking. But if it can solve your problem, isn’t that what really matters?

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